Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club

Third Annual
Tailgate Fest

Ham Radio - Electronics - Computer

Sunday, August 8, 2010
8:00 AM - Noon

(Open to sellers only at 7:00 AM)

Robert Pinn Armory
4630 Allen Rd, Stow, OH

Admission: $5 per vehicle

As many hams (or non-hams) as you can pack into a
car or van (sorry, no buses) for one price.
(Remember - you have to save room for the stuff you buy!)

The price is the same whether you are selling your
surplus treasures or looking for that special deal.

No reservations - just come with your treasures to
sell and shopping list in hand.

Seller spaces are one parking space and one space for their items.
Additional spaces available - 2 for $5. Outdoor spaces only. No entry before 7:00 AM.

Email questions to: