Welcome to the Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club

2006 CFARC Holiday Dinner Photos

Part of the group getting together before the dinner.

Group doing what we do best - Talk!
Left to right starting in the back - Connor Alderman (KD8DUN), Mike Knapp (N8ZUA), Anthony Luscre (K8ZT),
Ted Wands (WD8CVH, behind K8ZT), Steve Searl (K8HMS), Jim Berry (WA3JAT)
Left to right in the front - Dee Ulichney, Cindy Howard (facing away), Cathy Ferry (NC8F, facing away), and Goeff Howard (W0CG, facing away)

The latest in awards won by PJ2T
2006 ARRL International DX Contest World Multioperator Unlimited CW

Geoff (W0CG, PJ2DX) and Cindy Howard

Ted Wands (WD8CVH) and Gay Wands (WB8VNO)

Beth McFadden and Bob McFadden (K8RJM)

Dan Adkinson (W8DFA)

Eric (N8EW) and Linda Williams

Anthony (K8ZT) and Linda (KA8ODP) Luscre 

Cathy Ferry (NC8F) - Probably threatening the photographer

Arthur Barbetta (N8RKA)

Steve Ulichney, N8LGP, Introducing the Program.

Ron Good, W8RJG, Being Photographed

Photos by Ron Good, W8RJG, and Frank Tompkins, W8EZT.