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Local Amateur Radio Nets

In an attempt to provide an organized list of local (Northeast Ohio) Amateur Radio nets, I've been scanning for nets and and monitoring frequencies in the 70 cm, 2, 6 and 10 meter bands as time permits.

The list below is a start, but it is far from complete. Please help.

If you are aware of corrections or wish to submit additions to this list, please e-mail them to me at: and they will be included. Thanks and 73!   - Frank

07:00 pm147.135+W8CTTPioneer Amateur Radio Fellowship Net
(146.61- backup freq. if 147.135 in use for Skywarn)
07:30 pm147.030+ (444.925+ linked)W8EOCMedina 2 Meter Group Net
07:30 pm444.55+[131.8(Akron)-225.7(Green)]W8ODJSummit County ARES Net
08:00 pm145.15-WD8IQJDigital Discussion Roundtable
(trends in digital modes)
08:00 pm146.73-TUSCO ARC
08:01 pm147.27+ (444.200+ linked)W8VPVCFARC presentation of Amateur Radio Newsline
08:30 pm147.27+ (444.200+ linked)W8VPVCFARC 2 meter net
09:00 pm147.015+W8OKENewberry Net
09:30 pm 28.360W8VPVCFARC 10 meter net
09:30 pm147.150+KC8BEDBurning River Traffic Net (Elyria)
07:00 pm147.12+WD8AYEStark County AES & Newsline (Check in twice a month to stay on roster)
07:30 pm146.76-Tony's Swap 'n Shop
07:30 pm147.015+Tony's Swap 'n Shop
07:45 pm146.94-W8CWOSteubenville-Weirton area Skywarn Weather Net (approx. 15 minutes duration)
08:00 pm145.41 (224.48-[141.3], 442.225+[131.8] linked)KB8WLW/
Cuyhaoga County ARES (First and Third Tuesdays of each month)
08:00 pm147.39+AB8GOSilvercreek Amateur Radio Club - Newsline
08:00 pm147.510K8OMOHomeland Security Net Monthly Net (LAST Tuesday of each month)
08:30 pm147.39+AB8GOSilvercreek Amateur Radio Club Net
09:00 pm145.410 (224.48-[141.3], 442.225+[131.8] linked)W8PRCParma Radio Club
09:00 pm145.680Portage Emergency Net (simplex)
09:00 pm146.805-[162.2]KC8ITVSalem Area Amateur Radio Association 2m Net
09:00 pm147.285+[88.5]KB8MFVHouston AMSAT net (Locally linked in Salem, Oh.)
09:30 pm147.015+ (Backup Freq. 146.85-)Tri-County Traffic Training Net
09:30 pm147.150+KC8BEDBurning River Traffic Net (Elyria)
07:00 pm147.135+K8SCSSummit County SkyWarn
07:30 pm145.43-N8PDQ(very noisy)
08:00 pm145.31-WD8CHKWoodchuck ARC (Parma)
08:00 pm146.565N8EOONortheast Ohio OMIK Amateur Radio Club net
08:00 pm146.70-K8KRGARNewsline (only?)
08:00 pm146.745W8QLYMahoning County ARES/RACES Skywarn Net
08:00 pm146.76 (146.88-, 442.125+[82.5] linked)Cuyahoga County SkyWarn (February thru October)
08:00 pm146.85-W8LYDQCWA Net
08:00 pm146.94-InterCity ARC Net (Richland Co.)
08:00 pm147.39+ (442.275+[110.9] linked)AB8GOSilver Creek ARC Net (ARNewsline @ 8:00)
08:00 pm28.337?
08:30 pm28.450Lake County 10 Meter Net
09:00 pm146.70- (444.800, 145.15- linked)K8KRGNOARS Rag Chew Net
09:00 pm146.82- (443.825+ linked)K8ZFRCARS (Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society)
09:00 pm146.97-W8VTDWarren Amateur Radio Association (WARA) Net
09:00 pm147.21+W8WOOWayne County Amateur Radio Club net
09:30 pm147.150+KC8BEDBurning River Traffic Net (Elyria)
07:00 pm146.21-Lake County. Oh.
07:00 pm146.895-[110.9 E of Kent / 114.8 Rootstown]KC8PDPortage County RACES Training Net (biweekly)
                    alternating with
ARES of Portage County Training Net (biweekly)
08:00 pm146.70- (444.800-, 145.15- linked)K8KRGNOARS TechNet (Elyria, Lorain co.)
08:00 pm146.895-[110.9 E of Kent/114.8 Rootstown]N8EQJPortage County Amateur Radio Service (PCARS)
08:00 pm147.105+[71.9]N8IHI/RAshland County ARES Net (Hayesville)
08:00 pm28.337W8DFAThursday Night Traders Net
08:00 pm28.400 CWW8LKYAlliance Amateur Radio Club Net (CW net)
08:00 pm28.435WD8CHKWoodchuck ARC (Parma)
08:00 pmTemporary 146.88- (they expected to resume
use of 146.76- in
LEARA (Lake Erie Amateur Radio Association) Net
08:30 pm28.400 SSBW8LKYAlliance Amateur Radio Club Net (Sideband net)
09:00 pm145.37-W8LKYAlliance Amateur Radio Club Net (FM net W8LKY.ORG)
09:00 pm28.460W8PRCParma Radio Club
09:30 pm147.150+KC8BEDBurning River Traffic Net (Elyria)
08:00 pm147.18+West Stark Information Net (meets every Friday except the first Friday of the month)
08:00 pm28.350Firearms Net
08:00 pm50.165?
09:00 pm145.27-Canfield Friday Night Net
09:30 pm147.015+ (Backup Freq. 146.85-)Tri-County Traffic Training Net
09:30 pm147.150+KC8BEDBurning River Traffic Net (Elyria)
08:00 pm444.55+[131.8(Akron)-225.7(Green)]SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) Net
09:30 pm147.150+KC8BEDBurning River Traffic Net (Elyria)
07:00 pm53.170-[136.5/107.2/110.9]N8XPKNE Ohio 6 meter net
08:00 pm146.94-W8CWOSteubenville-Weirton area Amateur Radio Club Net
08:00 pm147.27+W8DFASunday Night Trader's Net
08:30 pm145.39-N8KBCPortage Emergency Net
09:00 pm145.27'This Week In Amateur Radio' 1 hour program (no check ins)
09:00 pm145.29-N8NCNorth Coast ARC Informal Net w/Amateur Radio Newsline
09:00 pm145.470+[79.7]KD8AMXCarrol County ARC (CornCob Hillbilly Net - KD8AMX.ORG)
09:00 pm146.700-K8BLPTriangle Radio Club Net (East Liverpool)
09:30 pm147.015+ (Backup Freq. 146.85-)Tri-County Traffic Training Net
09:30 pm147.150+KC8BEDBurning River Traffic Net (Elyria)

* (+ or -) FM repeater offset or blank if simplex. All 6 and 10 meter simplex frequencies are USB. PL tones in [brackets] if not 110.9.

Changes since previous major update (August 15, 2011) are in RED