Field Day 2000

Here is a selection of photos from Field Day 2000. There are thirteen pictures here so it may take a while to load.

20 Meter Phone Assembly. This is actually a 10/15/20 triband antenna but it is used only for 20 meter phone.

... and on it's way up!

... almost there ...

... and in place.

40 meter CW station in operation with our field day chairman Terry, KB8AMZ

40 Meter phone operation with Jim, WA3JAT.

VHF Station antennas and tent housing the Digital, VHF, and 15/75 meter phone operations.

Here's Mike, N8ZUA, our club president ready to start his operation on 20 meter phone.

Here's Kristen, KC8NGI, and John, KC8KYW, helping out Mike with the 20 meter phone station.

Bob, K8RJM, at the controls of the 15/75 meter phone station.

Bruce, KC8JNC, at the controls of the VHF and Digital stations.

VHF antennas coming down. It can be a LOT trickier bringing them down than pulling them up!

VHF antennas almost down now with ace operator Cathy, KC8JYU in the foreground.

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