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Field Day 2009

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13-May - Frank does such a good job of reporting the meetings in the newsletter I see no point in repeating everything here. See the Newsletter for the latest.

- The tower winch project appears to be feasible both technically and financially.  Bruce (Ak8B) is getting final figures together to present a spending proposal for debate and vote during the March business meeting. 

- Discussion was held to move the annual CFARC picnic, which has recently been held the Saturday evening of Field Day weekend, back to its former time (a weekend afternoon/evening in mid to late August), separating it from the Field Day event.

- Bruce will create a Google Groups discussion list for the committee members to use to keep everyone up to date on the latest happenings.

- Bob (K8RJM) will ask Ron (W8RJG) to investigate the cost of a special liability rider for our insurance to cover Field Day.

- The possibility of renting a "whisper watt" style (very low audio diesel) generator for use in place of the generator we've used for the last several years is being investigated. Bob K8RJM is investigating the rental cost.

- In the area of publicizing Field Day and increasing the number of volunteers, several ideas proposed, including: making Field Day the focus of the May issue of The Chattering Relay; producing flyers and perhaps a poster board display (including photos of previous CFARC Field Days) to solicit volunteers at the CFARC Hamfest April.  As in previous years, there will be food for the Friday setup and Sunday tear down crews, as well as a Sunday morning breakfast.

- Shelter continues to be a critical issue.  Art believes he has secured the use of a trailer (currently in Michigan). Dave AD8D will check on the cost of renting a pop up camper for a station shelter.

15-Jan - The first Field Day meeting brought a good crowd together. Several issues were discussed. Here's the shortened version from Frank's notes:

- Future Field Day planning meetings will be held the second Thursday of each month (up to and including June) at On Tap restaurant, starting at 6:30 pm in their private meeting room.

- A perennial problem has been acquiring shelters for the stations. While tents have been used successfully, due to the unpredictability of Ohio weather, more solid shelters, such as trailers or RVs are preferred.

- It has been recognized that as the average age of club members continues to increase, the traditional “armstrong” method of tower erection needs to be addressed. Consequently, it was decided to investigate the feasibility of acquiring a 12 volt DC power winch (and necessary cables and hardware) to enable us to more safely and easily pull the towers up and lower them. Also, a less chaotic procedure for directing tower raising and lowering will be developed, focusing on safety.

- Early resource commitments are underway. Art has sent out a letter reserving Ground Hog hill and Bob (K8RJM) will be securing a commitment in February for use of the generator. Frank (W8EZT) announced he intended to acquire an enclosed trailed that could be used as a station shelter.

While planning is now underway, much is still to be done. The ARRL won’t announce the rules and bonus point activities for another month, and no decision has been made about how many stations we will have in operation this year.

If you have any comments or suggestions for Field Day 2009, please send an E-Mail to