Welcome to the Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club

Equipment Loan Program

The club owns various pieces of equipment that is available for loan to club members. The club does own other equipment that is not generally available for loan such as is used for Field Day.

Equipment may be loaned under these two situations:

  • The equipment is for temporary use by the club member while the member's own equipment is under repair.
  • The equipment is used for demonstration purposes and to familiarize the member with the equipment prior to their purchasing similar equipment.

Loan of equipment is for a maximum of 30 days.

Equipment currently available:

  • 2 meter HT (Yaesu VX-170). This is primarily for demonstration.
  • 2 meter Mobile (ICOM IC-V8000) [see note]
  • 23 amp power supply (Samlex SEC-1223) [see note]

Note: The 2 meter mobile and the power supply are NOT AVAILABLE near hamfest time.

Equipment may be checked out through the Radio Officer with the President's knowledge and approval.