Welcome to the Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club

The 2015 Northeast Ohio 2 Meter FM Simplex Squares Contest

Contest Rules

  1. Eligibility - This contest is open to all current licensed US Amateur Radio Operators in any location.

  2. Contest Times - The contest will consist of two 5 hour windows, one Saturday April 25, 2015 from 11 am to 4 pm, and one Sunday April 26 from 1 pm to 6 pm.

  3. The contest band and mode - All contacts must be made using wideband (15khz) Frequency Modulation in the 2 meter frequency window of 146.410 to 146.510 MHz. While 2 meter FM is often "channelized" with 15 KHz spacing to avoid adjacent channel interference, for this contest, we recommend using 5 KHz frequency steps within the contest window.

  4. Valid contact requirements - A valid contact is the first contact made with another station that is located in any 6 character Maidenhead Grid Square location, and must include a legible exchange consisting of their call sign, operating mode (Base, Mobile, or Portable), and the 6 character Maidenhead Grid Square location of the station. If at least one station moves to a different 6 character grid square, a subsequent contact between the same two stations counts as a new valid contact. Any contact from locations that both stations previously used to contact each other with is a duplicate contact and does not count towards valid contacts or points.

    Note: Because location can determine the validity of a contact, later in the contest, to help avoid duplicate contacts, we recommend you follow your call sign with your operating mode and the last 2 characters of your grid square. For example, W8XYZ in grid square EN91ca would call "W8XYZ portable ca calling CQ Squares contest". You might also want to announce you're in a new location for your first several CQ calls from a new location.

  5. Scoring - When a valid contact is submitted to the contest web site, a point value for the entry is determined based on the submitter's operating mode for that contact. There are 3 operating modes, determined as follows:

    Base (B) - The contact is made using one or more pieces of permanently installed fixed location equipment (transceiver, antenna, source of power, etc.).
    Mobile (M) - The contact is made using equipment that is mounted in or on a notor or recrational vehicle and not powered by commercial AC mains. For the purposes of this contest, if all equipment is transported to the operating site by a human or animal powered vehicle, the operation mode will be considered Portable.
    Portable (P) - The contact is made using equipment, including the power source, that has been carried or wheeled, or otherwise transported by human or animal power to the operating site. Note that a motor vehicle can be used to support (such as trailer hitch mount, or a drive on antenna mount) a temporary antenna (you can not drive the vehicle with the antenna in place) and still be considered portable operation. If power is obtained from a motor vehicle it is considered a mobile contact.

    For the purposes of determining points, a Base (B) contact is worth 2 points, a Mobile (M) contact is worth 5 points, and a Portable (P) contact is worth 10 points. If there is a question about which mode applies to a contact, the lower point value mode applies.

  6. Submitting results - Prior to the contest, the results submission web site will be up for testing and practice submissions. You are encouraged to become familiar with it and submit and update some test entries. The submission page will be clearly identified as test only.

    The results submission web site will be reinitialized on Friday, April 24 and reset for actual contact submissions starting Monday, April 27. Submissions and corrections may be made up to Sunday, June 14, at 12 midnight EDT.

  7. Awards - Every Ham who submits at least one valid contact will receive an e-mail containing a Certificate of Participation in PDF format, suitable for printing and framing. Certificates of Achievement will be sent to the participants who made the most contacts, the most points, who operated from the most grid squares, and for other notable achievements. Clubs will also be awarded Certificates of Achievement for having the most participating members, and for having the most points.

  8. Main prizes drawing - During the CFARC July 22nd meeting computer generated random numbers will be used to select winners of the main prizes from all entries received by the submission cut off date. Each point will represent one entry in the drawing so probability favors those with more points, however, the winner could be a Ham who made just one contact!

  9. Main prize winners will be notified shortly thereafter and they and the participants that achieved notable accomplishments (and their affiliated clubs), will be announced in the CFARC Newsletter and in a press release to other local Ham clubs. They will also be mentioned in the ARRL Section Manager's newsletter and probably elsewhere.

  10. Any and all All disputes will be reviewed and mediated by the CFARC Contest Committee and their decision will be final.