Welcome to the Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club

The 2015 Northeast Ohio 2 Meter FM Simplex Squares Contest

Awards and Prizes

Every ham who submits at least one valid contact will receive, via e-mail, a personalized Certificate of Participation, suitable for printing and framing. Please make sure you include a valid e-mail address and make sure that you spell your name the way you want to see it on the certificate when you submit your contacts.

Hams who accomplish notable achievements will be awarded a personalized Certificate of Achievement, suitable for framing. Notable achievements include earning the most points, the most contacts, the most grid squares contacted, the most distant contact (based on grid square center to grid square center), and other accomplishments as they are recognized.

Ham clubs whose members accomplish notable achievements or who win one of the main prizes will be publically recognized, and the club with the most members participating will be recognized. When submitting your results, you will have the option of specifying one Ham club (by call sign) to be your affiliated club.

The names and calls of Hams (and their clubs) along with their achievements, will be published in press releases, club newsletters, on the contest web site, various ARRL Newsletters and other public forums.

The Main Prizes

Each valid contact will be assigned points, based on your operating mode (Base=2, Mobile=5, or Portable=10). Each point is one entry for you in a random drawing for the main prizes. Thus, the more points you have, the better your chances of winning one of the main prizes.

To ensure a fair and equitable distribution of the main prizes, a contestant may only win one main prize in this year's contest. Prizes will be awarded in the order below, with the first call sign drawn getting prize number one, the second call sign gets prize number two, and so on.

The main prize drawing will be held at the CFARC business meeting following the completion of results analysis.

  1. $50 gift certificate to DX Engineering

  2. $25 gift certificate to DX Engineering

  3. $25 gift certificate to DX Engineering