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The 2015 Northeast Ohio 2 Meter FM Simplex Squares Contest

Contest Overview

The Northeast Ohio 2 Meter FM Simplex Squares contest is designed to draw on several areas of Ham Radio including antenna construction, mobile and portable operation, grid square coordinates, and "Elmering" newer hams. As with any contest, the objective is to contact as many other hams as you can, but in this contest, the main prizes will be awarded by random drawing from all contact points submitted. The more points you earn the better your chances of winning, but it's possible to win a main prize with just one contact using only an HT!

This is an easy contest to participate in. It uses readily available 2 meter FM equipment within a designated simplex segment of the 2 meter band, the band and mode that most hams start with. Hams can operate from home, but scoring favors mobile and portable operation. Of course we hope all hams will participate, but we especially encourage new hams to give it a try. Here's a chance to learn and have some fun with Ham Radio. To that end, we also urge local clubs to actively encourage and "Elmer" their newer hams.

In addition to introducing the Maidenhead grid square coordinate system (and tools for determining your coordinates), the contest is designed to demonstrate how the range of a Ham radio equipment can be greatly extended with simple and inexpensive home built antennas. The contest web site includes plans for several inexpensive and easy to make antennas that greatly outperform the "rubber ducky" that comes with an HT. One of the antennas, a 3 element tape measure beam is very portable, and has a very deep null off its back side, which also makes it ideal for use in another area of Ham Radio, radio direction finding and "foxhunting".

Every Ham who submits at least one valid contact will be e-mailed a personalized Certificate of Participation, suitable for printing and framing. Certificates of Achievement will be awarded for notable accomplishments such as the most contacts, most grid squares, farthest distance contact, etc. The Club affiliation of participants will also be recognized and contest results will be widely publicized to the local Clubs and on Nets in the Northeastern Ohio area.

Because the contest encourages mobile and portable operation, it also serves as an excellent opportunity to get outside and fight that late winter cabin fever. Since a valid contact is comprised of a unique combination of calls signs and 6 character Maidenhead grid square coordinates, so contacting the same ham from different grid square location counts as a new valid contact. Each valid contact submitted will be multiplied by the operating mode multiplier (Base (2), Mobile (5), or Portable (10)) to generate your total points (entries) in the drawing. The main prize winners will be determined by random drawing during the July 22nd CFARC Meeting.

Main Prizes are still being lined up so check the prizes link on the contest home page for the latest updates.

Rules, winning tips, printable log forms, antenna construction information, a presentation, an on-line results submission page, and an FAQ page; everything you need to participate, will be found in links on the contest home page.

If you have read everything and still have questions, please e-mail it to: - It may end up in the contest FAQ.