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The Third Annual Ohio 2 Meter FM Simplex Squares Contest

Here's a contest with both
Prizes of Value

And its possible to win a prize ... with just an HT and only one contact!

Imagine a contest based on the first mode that most Hams use, 2 Meter FM simplex. Add an emphasis on mobile and portable operation, throw in some antenna building, introduce Maidenhead grid squares, encourage Elmering, include club recognition, add an element of chance, and pack it all into two five hour operating windows and you've got it:

The Ohio 2 Meter FM Simplex Squares contest.

Mark your calendar now, reserve the weekend of April 7th and 8th, 2018, and plan on working the Third Annual Ohio 2 Meter FM Simplex Squares contest.

Click the links below for all the details and tools you'll need. Check back frequently because this contest is still evolving.